THeMIS Cargo


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The THeMIS Cargo is intended to support dismounted troops by carrying everything a soldier would normally carry, thus letting the fighter concentrate on the mission at hand. It can be outfitted with various types of tie downs and restraints to prevent load shift. The modular construction of the cargo deck allows for it to be modified as required.



Diesel-Electric hybrid drivetrain enables low fuel consumption, high reliability, and reduced life cycle cost
PMS Brushless motors for higher efficiency and high torque across the speed range
Full electric mode for silent operation
0 m turning radius enables easy maneuverability in narrow surroundings
Intuitive and easy to use Graphical User Interface and controller
Tactical MIMO Mesh IP radios for secured AES256 encrypted communication
Easy payload connectivity with IP67 LAN ports and NATO VG 96917 Type 2 Power Socket
SIL3 remote E-Stop for safe maintenance work
Enhanced gap crossing capabilities for harsh terrains
Field serviceable with integrated toolkit
Low center of gravity without jeopardizing ground clearance
Compact size allows easy transportability with standard equipment
Air transportability designed according to STANAG 3542
Armouring up to STANAG 4569 level 3

Control systems

Follow me
Waypoint navigation
Swarming In development

Technical specifications

20 km/h 12.4 mph
Length x Width x Height
240 x 200 x 115 cm 94 x 79 x 45 in
1630 kg 3593 lbs
Rated payload weight
750 kg 1650 lbs
Maximum payload weight
1200 kg 2645 lbs
Maximum grade
60% 31 degrees
Maximum side slope
30% 17 degrees
Ground clearance
60 cm 16-23 in
Fording depth
61 cm 24 in
Gap crossing
90 cm 36 in
Pull force
15 000 N
Run time hybrid
Up to 15h
Run time electric
Up to 1,5h
Power options
Battery Pack, Lead acid or Li-ion
Power options
Diesel engine & electric generator
Line of sight control range
up to 1,5 km up to 1 mile
Air transportability
Designed according to STANAG 3542
Towing speed
up to 80 km/h up to 50 mph
IP radio
4W, customizable MIMO Mesh
Frequency hopping
IR (MIL-STD-810G), Thermal, HDR
Available colors
Mil green, Mil desert