THeMIS Transport

Combat Support UGV

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The THeMIS Transport is intended to support dismounted troops by carrying everything a soldier would normally carry, thus letting the fighter concentrate on the mission at hand. It can be outfitted with various types of tie downs and restraints to prevent load shift. The modular construction of the cargo deck allows for it to be modified as required.



Can be equipped with different sensors to enhance situational awareness
Will effortlessly pass through sand, snow or mud
System can be submerged up to 60 cm / 24 inches
Cargo area can be lifted on top for a narrower vehicle to pass through wooden areas

Control systems

Follow me In development
Waypoint navigation In development
Swarming In development

Technical specifications

20 km/h 12.4 mp/h
240 cm 94 in
200 cm 79 in
115 cm 45 in
1630 kg 3600 lbs
Maximum payload weight
750 kg 1650 lbs
Payload area
205x88x53 cm 81x35x21 in
Maximum grade
60% 31 degrees
Maximum side slope
30% 17 degrees
Ground clearance
40-60 cm 16-23 in
Fording depth
61 cm 24 in
Gap crossing
90 cm 36 in
Pull force
2100 kg 4600 lbs
Run time hybrid
10h ... 12h
Run time electric
0,5h ... 1,5h
Power options
Battery Pack, Lead acid or Li-ion
Power options
Diesel engine & electric generator