Themis Observe with Shark


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The Electro-optical Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems platform Marduk Shark and the THeMIS UGV provides frontline forces an independent ability to accurately Detect, Classify & Target rogue drones or other flying objects by using the most advanced AI and ML models. The mobile C-UAS platform is upgradeable with different sensors and effectors: Radar, RF detector, Jammer, Laser, etc.



Detection - Small multirotor up to 2 km; Class II drone up to 10 km
AI-classification - In challenging environmental conditions
Noise elimination - Bird recognition; Background noise
Tracking - Continuous tracking of Object of Interest

Control systems

Teleoperation In development
Follow me In development
Waypoint navigation In development
Swarming In development

Technical specifications

20 km/h 12.4 mph
240 cm 94 in
200 cm 79 in
150 cm 59 in
Combat weight
1850 kg 4079 lbs
Payload (without drone)
750 kg 1653 lbs
Maximum grade
60% 31 degrees
Maximum side slope
30% 17 degrees
Pull Force
21 000 N 21 000 N
Run time hybrid
12h ... 15h
Run time electric
0,5h ... 1,5h
Power options
Battery Pack, Lead acid or Li-ion
Power options
Diesel engine & electric generator