THeMIS Combat with the Hunter 2-S


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The THeMIS Combat with the Hunter 2-S Loitering Munition multi-canister launcher provides dismounted infantry and Special Forces units with a combination of long-range ISR capabilities and firepower.

Ideal for locating, tracking and accurately eliminating soft targets, light vehicles and armoured vehicles from safe distances, the Hunter 2-S is able to autonomously follow a flight plan to an intended target area, coordinate with other drones in the swarm and loiter while seeking and classifying targets until engagement by a man-in-the-loop. The Hunter 2-S carries a payload of 2 kg, can reach a cruising altitude of 500 m and cruise at an indicated airspeed of 25 m/s with a total available flight time of 45 minutes.


Control systems

Teleoperation In development
Follow me In development
Waypoint navigation In development
Swarming In development

Technical specifications

247 cm x 205 cm x 190 cm
Combat weight
1910 kg (Depending on final configuration)
Additional payload weight
550 kg
Max. speed
20 km/h
Ground clearance
up to 60 cm
Max. grade
31 deg / 60 %
Fording depth
60 cm
Pull force
15 000 N
Run time hybrid
up to 15 h
Run time silent mode
up to 1,5 h
Turning radius
0 m
Hunter 2S MTOW
up to 13 kg
Hunter 2S Payload
2 kg
Hunter 2S Total available flight time
45 minutes
Hunter 2S Cruise indicated airspeed
25 m/s
Hunter 2S Operational altitude
500 m
Hunter 2S Engine
Hunter 2S Communication range
up to 50 km
Hunter 2S Wingspan
up to 2.2 m
Hunter 2S Length
up to 1.5 m