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Why work in Milrem Robotics?

We value teamwork and make it possible for experts in their field to implement and develop themselves. As one of our employees wrote during our annual employee survey: "Milrem Robotics is one of the rarest companies in Estonia where the greatest minds can actually implement their know-how by building something from scratch. Compared to bigger countries with large automobile manufacturers and other industries, Estonia generally lacks these kinds of challenges."

Valuing our employees has led the employees to value the company and becoming part of the company by investing in its future and becoming minority shareholders.

Milrem Robotics is:
- Constantly evolving
- Working towards changing the world
- Ethical in its developments
- Courageous enough to turn crazy ideas into working products
- Constantly on the lookout for feedback from employees and clients

You can learn more about us by having a look at our core values.

Our working environment

Our offices offer a modern open working environment, with places to clear your thoughts like our gaming room or cinema room. Many of us like to use our kitchen and dining room to warm up food brought from home or to cook something from scratch. For sports enthusiasts, we have showers and locker rooms to wash up after a morning bike ride or run to work, or a midday training session.

Flexible working hours or working from home entirely are also possible.


Every summer we have offered internships to those who need them. In 2020 we started Milrem's Summer School program where interns' know-how and experience are put to work developing a working prototype product. 
Click here for more information about the Summer School.

Seminars, sessions and lectures

Every year at least once all Milrem Robotics’ employees gather for a yearly seminar to discuss our achievements, future goals, and overall strategy. Every employee is expected to pitch in with his or her ideas or by raising concerns that the company’s leadership can answer or discuss with all.

We also gather every Thursday in our biggest meeting room (named Öpik after one of our earliest engineers) for the Sauna Session. It is a free session during the last work hour where people can present their hobbies, passions, or pass knowledge on other not work-related topics. Since our team includes hobby racing drivers, former soldiers, and intelligence officers, sports enthusiasts, etc, we have a lot to talk about. After the event, everyone who wishes can go and relax in our sauna.

Every last Friday of the month we celebrate the birthdays of the month. Every now and then we escape the office and take the celebration outside whether during orienteering or a bike trip.

In addition to the educational and strategic gathering, we also spend time together after work, E.g. if our company band Hard Target has a performance, we go and support them as hard and loud as we can.

Our onboarding program
Every newcomer will receive thorough onboarding training where all the aspects of their new position and the general operation of the company will be explained.

Fun fact: Several of our employees are or have been teachers and lecturers.

A family-friendly employer

Despite having an average age of 30, our employees have taken to heart our government's instructions to have lots of kids. If your kid's nursery, kindergarten, or school is closed or you just want to spend a day with them, you can bring them into the office's playroom with lots of creative toys, TV, and a Nintendo Wii of course. At Christmas time our children are visited also by Milrem's official invisible Santa who brings them suitable and age-appropriate gifts.

Milrem Robotics has been praised by:

Instar: 10th place in their 2021 survey (among technology students) https://www.instar.ee/

Instar: 8th place in their 2020 survey (among technology students) https://www.instar.ee/

CV Keskus: 17th place in their best employer 2019 survey https://www.kampaania.cv.ee/tt