Starting from 2024, we are looking for interns to join Milrem's Summer Internship. This paid internship takes place from July to August. During this period, interns from various engineering fields will have the opportunity to work closely with our teams and learn about cutting-edge technology.

In the past, during our Summer Schools, interns have developed a wired follow-me solution for our THeMIS UGV, a one-handed remote, among other projects. This year, they will discover how exciting working at Milrem can be, side by side with our teams.

The application period has ended for this year. We are now in the process of selecting the best candidates.


Milrem Robotic's Summer School 2023 has concluded successfully! With a total of 8 brilliant participants, this one-of-a-kind learning experience has been nothing short of remarkable.

During four weeks interns from various engineering fields need to complete one engineering project from start to finish. This year's Summer School was about "THeMIS diesel generator throttle controller development." Together, our participants delved deep into the exciting world of robotics, automation, and edge cutting technology. They've honed their skills, solved complex challenges, and embraced the true spirit of innovation!

Each participant was paired with a dedicated mentor throughout the entire journey, ensuring a supportive environment for learning and growth. Over the past month, participants impressed us with their ingenuity, teamwork, and dedication. We have no doubt they will make a significant impact in their future endeavors and we wish them all the best!

Big thank you to each participant, mentor, and everyone who contributed to making this program a resounding success.

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The Milrem Robotics’ Summer School internship program that started at the beginning of July resulted in a functioning one-hand remote for the THeMIS UGV developed by the participants of the program.

Although the one-hand operation of the THeMIS has been possible using its standard remote, a dedicated one-hand remote had yet to be developed. Until now.

The remote will still need some further advancement until it can be shipped out along with the vehicles, but completing the prototype is no small accomplishment.

In addition to the remote, interns also made the THeMIS controllable via a standard PC. As explained by Joonas Kaljulaid, the responsible Project Manager for the Summer School program, this will simplify tethered operations of the vehicle in the future.

One of the six interns was specialized in Quality Assurance and had by the end of the four-week program verified our Mission Control hardware capabilities and software features.

This year, six interns were selected out of 100 applicants to take part in Milrem Robotics’ Summer School program. Two of the interns have already signed on for part-time employment with the company. It is worth noting that all three participants of Summer School 2020 are also part of Milrem Robotics’ family.

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The Milrem Robotics’ Summer School internship program that started at the beginning of July resulted in a functioning wired follow me solution for the THeMIS UGV developed by the three participants of the program.

It is quite easy to pull something using a wire, however, try pushing something with one. That is exactly what the three participants in our Summer School program pulled off only in four weeks.

Using logical thinking, argumentation, and engineering skills software engineer Tavo Annus, mechanical engineer Mattias Kitsing and electronics Engineer Eke Tominga developed a solution to operate Milrem Robotics’ THeMIS UGV using only a thin wire.

“This solution will allow hands free operation of the UGV that may be extremely useful in certain situations,” said Siim Reinaas, team lead in Milrem Robotics and a supervisor of the project. “Not a bad way to spend your summer – figuring out how to make a 1,5 ton move using only a thin wire and developing such a system from the ground up,” he added.

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