Robotics and Autonomous Systems CD&E Support (RAS-SE)

RAS-SE is a perfect solution for initiating a robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) evaluation program to reduce the cost of the selected capability by using innovative intelligent systems. RAS-SE supports customers from initial planning to full implementation and post-implementation analyses of intelligent and robotic systems with (NATO standard) concept development and experimentation methodologies. This enables customers to get support and solutions for any step in the process. With years of project management and system integration experience, Milrem Robotics is in a great position to be a technology partner and kick-start an innovative robotics and autonomous systems evaluation program to create or enhance new military capabilities. RAS-SE includes:

Requirements analysis

  • Capability gap analysis (CONOPS).
  • Initial system requirements identification (system configuration).
  • Implementation process planning (tests, trials, simulations, exercises).
  • Possible partner identification.


  • Development of doctrine and operational concept.
  • System and technology integration.
  • Test and trials of systems.
  • Experimentation and simulation.
  • System implementation during military exercises.

Evaluation and reporting

  • Capability and effect focused research and analysis.
  • Prognosis and longitude analyses of effects.
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of using intelligent assets.
  • Socioeconomic analysis of effects and influence including ethics, social acceptance etc.
  • A written audit, certificate, and report for recommendations.