Multiscope Rescue Transport

Fire & rescue


Developed for the transport of critical supplies, equipment and teams the Multiscope Rescue Transport is an ideal tool for post-operation logistics. It can be utilized to pack up gear faster and with less manpower thus enabling firefighters to be ready faster for upcoming challenges.


Easy access to the payload area
Base platform width can be customized to accommodate payloads in different sizes
Can be remotely operated via camera feed
Can be equipped with various sensors and cameras, ie thermal cameras to identify hotspots

Control systems

Teleoperation In development
Follow me In development
Waypoint navigation In development
Swarming In development

Technical specifications

20 km/h 12.4 mph
247 cm 94 in
182 ... 220 cm 79 in
117 cm 45 in
1650 kg 3593 lbs
Rated payload weight
750 kg 1650 lbs
Maximum payload weight
1200 kg 2645 lbs
Payload area
205x88x53 cm 81x35x21 in
Pull force
15 000 N
Max. Grade
30 degrees 60 %
Fording Depth
60 24 in
Run time hybrid
Up to 12h
Run time electric
Up to 1,5h
Power options
Battery Pack, Lead acid or Li-ion
Power options
Diesel engine & electric generator