Multiscope Rescue with Hydra

Fire & rescue


This Multiscope platform is equipped with a modular foam and/or water monitor with a flow rate of 3000 LPM and is fully customizable. The Multiscope Rescue with Hydra is designed to be used for industrial, warehouse, tunnel, and wildfire extinguishing. It has four pressurized water hose lines running behind it to ensure that it has enough water and/or foam for extinguishing. This is a powerful set that works as an extension for firefighters to extinguish fires in areas that are dangerous or hard to access.


Remote controlled intelligent fire monitors, separate from the UGV
Both fire monitors can move 360° and provide water and foam
Can disperse water or foam up to 62 m
Flowrate of 3000 LPM
Two cooling sprinklers in the front protecting the fire monitor and the UGV

Control systems

Follow me In development
Waypoint navigation
Swarming In development

Technical specifications

20 km/h 12.4 mp/h
240 cm 94 in
200 cm 79 in
115 cm 45 in
1630 kg 3593 lbs
Rated payload weight
750 kg 1653 lbs
Maximum payload weight
1200 kg 2645 lbs
Ground clearance
40 ... 60 cm 16 ... 23 in
Pull force
15 000 N 15 000 N
Max. Grade
30 degrees 60 %
Fording Deph
60 cm 23 in
Run time hybrid
Up to 15h
Run time electric
Up to 1,5h
Power options
Battery Pack, Lead acid or Li-ion
Power options
Diesel engine & electric generator