THeMIS Observe

The THeMIS Observe is built for tactical reconnaissance missions. The system includes a camera for day and night operations, an acoustic gunshot detector, smoke screen protection and a ground surveillance radar. Combining those systems allows units to make multi-sensor identification on one platform and react faster on emerging targets. The THeMIS Observe significantly increases a … Continued

THeMIS Combat with TERRAHAWK unmanned C-UAS system

THeMIS Combat and MSI-DS Terrahawk RWS deliver highly effective counter-UAS protection for tactical and static sites, for deployed assets and critical infrastructure. The system offers a new capability for remote situational awareness and hard kill, on an autonomous host platform for last-mile tactical positioning, limiting operator exposure.

Themis Observe with Shark

The Electro-optical Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems platform Marduk Shark and the THeMIS UGV provides frontline forces an independent ability to accurately Detect, Classify & Target rogue drones or other flying objects by using the most advanced AI and ML models. The mobile C-UAS platform is upgradeable with different sensors and effectors: Radar, RF detector, Jammer, … Continued

Complete Safety Solutions

For safe and secure use and interaction with platforms, the package has critical safety and user-aid features that use the latest hardware and in-house built advanced software. Obstacle detection and avoidance Precision driving assistant Critical information warnings Internal safety monitoring Smart maintenance monitoring Human in the loop architecture SIL 3 compatible remote e-Stop

The Mission Planner

Pre plan fully autonomous missions with customizable vehicle behaviour. A fully adjustable vehicle and payload behaviour profile for any mission. Plan and navigate route Behaviour based on location or event Return home and track back functions Localisation in GNSS denied environment Radio signal emission control Smart planning assistance 2D and 3D LiDAR mapping GIS data … Continued

Type-X Combat with Loitering Munition Systems

The Type-X with a Multi Canister Launcher can be equipped with two of UVision’s already operational Loitering Munition Systems: The Hero-120, with its anti-tank warhead and up to one hour of flight time, and the Hero-400EC, capable of destroying fortified targets, with up to two operational hours. The Type-X can be equipped with a 40 … Continued

THeMIS Combat with Hero-120

The THeMIS Combat with the Hero-120 by UVision can be equipped with up to six Loitering Munition systems that will provide dismounted infantry and Special Forces units with long-range ISR and firepower combination. Ideal for anti-tank missions or other strategic objectives, the Hero-120 is the largest of UVision’s short-range systems. It carries a 3.5 kg … Continued


THeMIS Cargo CASEVAC provides rapid evacuation for urgent casualties from the point of injury to higher-level medical facilities. It reduces the need for manpower usually used for casualty evacuation. The vehicle facilitates most NATO stretchers used in the armed forces.

THeMIS Cargo Mortar carrier

The THeMIS Mortar carrier has been adjusted to accommodate a mortar up to 81 mm. The Cargo platform is equipped with a specially designed suspension system for safe transportation and utilization of the mortar, extra equipment and ammunition, making it rapidly deployable on harsh terrain.The main purpose of this system is to enable logistical supportand … Continued