Participants of Milrem Robotics’ Summer School 2021 develop a one-hand remote for UGVs

The Milrem Robotics’ Summer School internship program that started at the beginning of July resulted in a functioning one-hand remote for the THeMIS UGV developed by the participants of the program.

Although the one-hand operation of the THeMIS has been possible using its standard remote, a dedicated one-hand remote had yet to be developed. Until now.

The remote will still need some further advancement until it can be shipped out along with the vehicles, but completing the prototype is no small accomplishment.

In addition to the remote, interns also made the THeMIS controllable via a standard PC. As explained by Joonas Kaljulaid, the responsible Project Manager for the Summer School program, this will simplify tethered operations of the vehicle in the future.

One of the six interns was specialized in Quality Assurance and had by the end of the four-week program verified our Mission Control hardware capabilities and software features.

This year, six interns were selected out of 100 applicants to take part in Milrem Robotics’ Summer School program. Two of the interns have already signed on for part-time employment with the company. It is worth noting that all three participants of Summer School 2020 are also part of Milrem Robotics’ family.

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