Participants of Milrem Robotics’ Summer School 2020 developed a follow-me solution

The Milrem Robotics’ Summer School internship program that started in the beginning of July resulted in a functioning wired follow me solution for the THeMIS UGV developed by the three participants of the program.

It is quite easy to pull something using a wire, however, try pushing something with one. That is exactly what the three participants in our Summer School program pulled off only in four weeks.

Using logical thinking, argumentation, and engineering skills software engineer Tavo Annus, mechanical engineer Mattias Kitsing and electronics Engineer Eke Tominga developed a solution to operate Milrem Robotics’ THeMIS UGV using only a thin wire.

“This solution will allow hands free operation of the UGV that may be extremely useful in certain situations,” said Siim Reinaas, team lead in Milrem Robotics and a supervisor of the project. “Not a bad way to spend your summer – figuring out how to make a 1,5 ton move using only a thin wire and developing such a system from the ground up,” he added.

Milrem Robotics will be welcoming interns again next year during Summer School 2021.