Milrem Robotics launches command and control system for robotic systems at Eurosatory

The European leading robotics and autonomous systems developer Milrem Robotics will launch their command and control (C2) system for intelligent unmanned systems at Eurosatory 2022.

Milrem Robotics’ solution integrates multiple different unmanned aerial and ground assets (UxV) into a composite command and control system and merges sensor and effector data from multiple payloads. It allows the constant monitoring and controlling of the UxV systems’ most important variables, such as energy status, fault conditions, operating parameters, built-in diagnostic tests, initialization, and configurations.

The system is developed in cooperation with, Rait88, MIL Sistemika and other partners.

“Integrating different unmanned systems and traditional manned assets through a command-and-control system enables the efficient deployment of autonomous vehicles on the battlefield,” explained Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics. “Integrated autonomous ground systems enable a significant increase of firepower and capabilities using fewer human resources and at the same time increasing the safety of our troops, which has always been the goal of Milrem Robotics.”

The C2’s autonomy engine is capable of remotely navigating and controlling the position and motion vectors of the UxV’s and/or other integrated RAS components.

It supports user-defined autonomous missions and behaviour sets, delivers an ALFUS Contextual Autonomy Capability level of 4+ for behaviours related to autonomous navigation such as route planning, object avoidance and geo-mapping. It also provides many autonomous functions like flight control, target detection and automatic optimized routing.

The autonomy engine autonomously creates routes against pre-determined mission sets such as search, intercept, shadow etc, considering the selected vehicles’ mobility & intelligence characteristics.

Milrem Robotics is the leading European robotics and autonomous systems developer and systems integrator. In addition to the THeMIS the company is known for the Multiscope UGV and the Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle. The first is intended for civilian use (forestry and firefighting), the Type-X RCV is a wingman for mechanized units.

Milrem Robotics is the leader of a consortium awarded 30.6 MEUR from the European Commission’s European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) to develop a European standardized unmanned ground system (UGS). During the project, titled iMUGS, modular and scalable architecture for hybrid manned-unmanned systems will be developed to standardize a European wide ecosystem.