We are looking for Software Developers

We are looking for Software Developers. Who isn’t, right? However, we have something uncommon in the programming world: our software is for big a** intelligent (military) robots that you get to play around with. And get paid to do that!

Sounds too good to be true? We assure you it isn’t. But how does one become a member of Milrem Robotics’ programming team?

Here’s what you need to do:

In the end you should have made:

  • An effective robot.
  • Clean code.

Tools required:

  • CodinGame sign up.
  • Problem-solving attitude and solutions.

After completion, share with us (careers@milrem.com) your CodinGame username (or nickname) and be prepared to compete against all the other candidates to find out the best. The winner is the one who achieves the most race wins – who wins all (or most) opponents, however, the five best contestants get the PRIZE.

Also, be prepared to share your code with us. Hence, it should be a code written by you and we have the right to verify it.

And finally, the prize:

  • Exclusive 1-day THeMIS UGV* Operator Course held on the 8th of February 2022 in Tallinn.
  • Obviously, you will also be invited to come for a job interview that will, if all goes well, end with a job offer.

What’s the timeframe?

  • The competition is open from today and we await your user/nicknames until January 16th.

*The THeMIS is the first hybrid fully modular unmanned ground (UGV) vehicle in the world. The vehicle is intended to support dismounted troops by serving as a transport platform, remote weapon station, IED detection, disposal unit, and much more. The vehicle’s open architecture gives it the multi-mission capability much needed on the modern battlefield.