Ready For Deployment: The Most Versatile ISR UGV for Enhanced Situational Awareness to be presented at DSEI

At DSEI 2023 in London, Milrem Robotics, Europe’s leading robotics and autonomous systems developer will showcase the most versatile Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) unmanned ground system on the market – the THeMIS Observe.

“The THeMIS Observe is an ISR system that significantly increases a tactical unit’s reaction speed on targets as well as the stand-off distance from enemy units,” explained Cpt (res) Jüri Pajuste, Defence R&D Director at Milrem Robotics. “The system raises the capability and survivability of tactical reconnaissance units considerably,” Pajuste said, adding that this type of capability is usually not available for light infantry units on one platform.

The THeMIS Observe consist of cutting-edge technology by world-renowned developers: the Squire radar by Thales, the HeviTrack S camera by HEVI Optronics, Metravib Defence Pearl acoustic shot detection, ROSY (Rapid Obscuring System) by Rheinmetall and the deFNder Light remote weapon station. As a recent addition, the vehicle features Sequrests Mobile Multi Camouflage Cover for significant signature reduction in visual NIR, thermal IR and radar.

“The combination of those systems allows units to do multi-sensor identification on one platform while being concealed by adversary observers,” Pajuste added.

Additionally, the THeMIS Observe is equipped with Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Kit that enables autonomous functions such as follow-me, waypoint navigation with obstacle detection and avoidance.

The THeMIS UGV, on which the ISR system is based on, is a multi-mission unmanned ground system that is currently part of robotics programs in 16 countries, including 8 NATO member countries. The THeMIS is also deployed in Ukraine.

The THeMIS Observe and other Milrem Robotics’ products can be found at stand no H4-122.

Milrem Robotics is the leading European robotics and autonomous systems developer and systems integrator, with offices in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and the US. The company is known for their THeMIS and Multiscope UGVs, the Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle and the MIFIK autonomy kit.