Milrem Robotics’ presence at Eurosatory 2024 biggest-ever

This year’s largest European defence industry event, Eurosatory 2024, features the biggest-ever presence of unmanned combat systems by the world-leading robotics and autonomous systems developer Milrem Robotics.

Altogether 10 of the company’s robotic systems are on display at the exhibition, which will take place from June 17 to 21 in Paris, France. Eight of these systems are different versions of the THeMIS Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) and two Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicles (RCV).

In addition to Milrem Robotics’ stand, systems are showcased together with leading industry partners: Avalor.AI, CNIM, KNDS, KONGSBERG and Thales, additionally featuring integrated technology by FN Herstal, Metravib Defence, Leonardo, Rheinmetall, Pearson Engineering, and Vegvisir.

“The vast number of partners demonstrates that Milrem Robotics’ unmanned combat systems are preferred for payload integrations and battlefield deployment. The THeMIS UGV is already part of robotics programmes in 18 countries worldwide and assisting Ukrainian soldiers with casualty evacuation and route clearance in the war with Russia,” said Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics.

“Milrem has integrated more payloads than any other UGV provider and has a detailed understanding of how these payloads should be integrated and how to ensure the payload’s performance to its maximum capability,” Väärsi added.

Milrem Robotics’ Chief Sales Officer Patrick Shepherd added: “Our products’ integration into multiple nations’ combat formations reduces our customers’ overall integration and procurement risk.  Milrem has the lessons learned and depth of experience to ensure a smooth integration into the military forces.”