Milrem Robotics’ Combat UGVs flood Eurosatory 2024

Milrem Robotics, the world-leading robotics and autonomous systems developer, together with world-renowned weapon systems providers, showcases a variety of weaponised unmanned combat vehicles at Eurosatory 2024, demonstrating the versatility of its market-leading UGV the THeMIS.

From the eight THeMIS UGVs demonstrated at Eurosatory 2024, taking place from June 17 until June 21, in Paris, France, four are equipped with weapon systems provided by top of their class technology providers: KONGSBERG, Thales, Leonardo and FN Herstal.

“THeMIS Combat UGVs make up the forward line of robotic systems (FLOR) that ensures first contact will be made without blood. This allows the commanders to enter high-threat situations to identify and engage known or perceived threats before human intervention,” explained Patrick Shepherd, Chief Sales Officer at Milrem Robotics.

The newest addition to the preferred platform for weapon systems integrations – the THeMIS – is the FZ602 2-tube rocket launcher by Thales Belgium. It is showcased together with KONGSBERG’s PROTECTOR RS4, the world’s most fielded Remote Weapon System.

Additionally, KONGSBERG will showcase a THeMIS Combat with their PROTECTOR RS6, which features the powerful M230 LF 30mm cannon.

Announced in October 2023, but publicly displayed for the first time is the THeMIS with the HITROLE® Light Remote Weapon Station (RWS), one of the land turrets developed by Leonardo.

“Since the enemy cannot allow unmanned combat vehicles freedom of movement, they force them to reveal their positions by engaging the robotic system. By destroying the first line of enemy key assets and creating a hole in the enemy’s defensive or offensive posture, THeMIS Combat UGVs enhance the effectiveness of manned assets by creating momentum that human troops can leverage with fewer casualties,” Shepherd added.

Exhibited with Thales, the THeMIS Observe UGV intended for ISR features the deFNder® Light of FN Herstal’s RWS family. It can integrate all FN Herstal machine guns up to 7.62mm calibre.