Keeping the wolves fed and the sheep healthy is a challenge. So is having to navigate several multicultural relationships at once, while ensuring everyone’s goals are met. If you think you are up to this task, apply to become our KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER, and you’ll have a chance to sail the stormy waters of the international defence industry.

Job description:

Being the link between Milrem Robotics and outside organizations, securing outside resources as needed and injecting Milrem Robotics technologies and products when suitable.

Managing negotiations towards successful collaborations with clear and understood terms.

This means in detail:

  • Managing the relationship with identified Industrial partners:
    • Following up on progress on running topics;
    • Seeking out opportunities for future collaboration opportunities.
  • Seeking new Industrial partners when applicable;
  • Collaborating with internal stakeholders to understand the internal organization’s needs and priorities;
  • Developing and maintaining Partner Strategy:
    • Defining internal partner strategy;
    • Negotiating partner collaboration topics and activities.
  • Manage proposals to partners:
    • Initiating the proposals;
    • Following the development of them, ensuring a winning proposal is generated;
    • Negotiate contracts and scope into an agreement.
  • Manage requests from partners:
    • Initiating requests for proposals;
    • Following the development of requests, ensuring an executable request;
    • Negotiate contracts and scope into an agreement.
  • Managing and tracking sales and profit targets related to identified partners.

Looking for a candidate who:

  • Has a systematic approach to resolving complex problems and has high-level negotiation experience;
  • Has previous strategic sales planning or strategic relationship-building experience;
  • Likes networking: both internally and externally (colleagues, partners, customers);
  • Has higher technical educational background;
  • Has excellent English skills(spoken and written);
  • Has good arguing skills, is initiative and wants to get things done;
  • Likes to work in an international company and interact with customers worldwide.

Additional information

To apply, please send your CV by January 8 at the latest.

If you have any additional questions, kindly contact us at

We will provide feedback to applicants within one month from the submission deadline at the latest.