Milrem Robotics develops robotic systems for our Clients to support peace and prosperity in the World. This Policy has been first and foremost influenced by the work of the Independent High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence set up by the European Commission1. The Policy is based on the following clear ethical principles:
1. Trustworthiness
2. Quality of Life and Sustainability
3. Meaningful Human Control
4. Ethical Partnerships
5. Commitment of all stakeholders


Milrem identifies trustworthiness of our Systems with Intelligent Functions (SIF) as its foundational ambition. It is achieved through commitment to the human safety and the quality assurance in design, production and life cycle management as well as through continuous dialogue with the society and partners on ethical use of the SIF. The ambition of trustworthy SIF enables Milrem to serve its clients and partners in a way that is aligned with the foundational values of respect for and defence of human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

Quality of life and sustainability

The SIF products do not constitute an end in itself but rather a promising means to increase human quality of life, enhancing individual and societal well-being and the common good through innovation. Milrem’s SIF products and services are destined to help facilitate the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals—such as promoting gender balance, tackling climate change, reducing our use of natural resources, enhancing health, facilitating mobility and innovative production processes, supporting high standards of accountability in how we monitor progress against sustainability and social cohesion indicators. In our dedicated pursuit of future-proof industrial solutions, Milrem regards the environmentally safe clean technologies as central to any developmental effort.

Meaningful Human Control

Milrem believes that Meaningful Human Control should always be maintained over any robotic systems. Meaningful Human Control is our rigorous requirement to all platforms and payloads: commitment to uphold this principle is demanded from Milrem’s personnel, our clients and partners. Milrem’s Ethics Policy prohibits the development of any system capable of firing a weapon without Meaningful Human Control. Milrem is committed to serve with its technology the cause of upholding the core principles of International Humanitarian Law. To do this, the SIF need to be human-centric, resting on a commitment to the SIF use for the service of the humanity and the common good, with the goal of improving human welfare and freedom, ensuring enduring peace in the world.

Ethical partnerships

In a context of technological change, we believe it is essential that the trust remains the bedrock of all societies, communities, economies as well as their sustainable development. While offering game-changing opportunities, the SIF products by Milrem Robotics imply certain risks that must be handled appropriately and proportionately. As Milrem Robotics is well placed to shape the development of the SIF, Milrem devotes time and resources to ensure that in the sociotechnical environments in which the SIF are built, used and developed, there exists necessary and sufficient respect to the values of Meaningful Human Control. Milrem Robotics intends its clients and partners to gain competitive advantages from embedding trustworthy SIF in their products and services whereas committing to the same foundational values as Milrem does. This means, in close cooperation with our clients and partners, we seek to maximise the benefits of the SIF for the purpose of serving the high ethical standards while preventing and minimising any risks to the Meaningful Human Control.

Commitment of all stakeholders

Milrem Robotics rewards all feedback on the quality of its products and services to push the limits of its iterative quality enhancement ideology. In this context all initiatives from inside and from outside the company are considered with appreciation. Milrem Robotics nurtures the trustworthiness of its SIF products and services through commitment of all stakeholders to the values of our ethical policy.