Milrem Robotics launches cooperation with Lumina across Canada

Milrem Robotics, the leading European robotics, and autonomous systems developer is pleased to announce their cooperation with Lumina Technology Partners (Lumina) in Canada.

Under the agreement, Lumina will offer the full suite of Milrem Robotics products, including the THeMIS and Multiscope unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), to both public-sector and commercial customers, taking advantage of the multiple available payloads to address a variety of applications including firefighting, transport and logistics, and emergency response and monitoring.

“Lumina’s focus on a solutions-based approach to autonomy and robotics was attractive to us and is a welcome addition to our global sales channel, especially as we build our presence in North America,” said Michael Krutina, Chief Sales Officer of Milrem Robotics.

Lumina Technology Partners’ Principal, Richard Iacuelli, added: “the THeMIS and Multiscope UGVs are ideally suited to supporting customers operating in Canada’s often remote and challenging terrain while offering multiple payloads to support the diverse requirements of their end-users. We are excited to be Milrem’s sales agent in Canada and look forward to making Milrem the leader in autonomous vehicles across Canada.”

About Lumina Technology Partners
Lumina is building a world-class portfolio of products and services focused on autonomous technologies that keep Canadians safe. Lumina offers solutions to specific end-user applications, including Fire & Rescue, Emergency Response and Incident Monitoring, and Inspection and Surveying services in hazardous and/or remote areas.

Canada represents a sizeable market for autonomous systems that can perform existing workstreams faster and more efficiently, and pioneer valuable new workstreams that were not feasible before.