The Multiscope UGV provides fast, cost-effective, and flexible solutions for the commercial and government sector, including civil engineering and security applications. The Multiscope is ideal for industries who wish to eliminate the physical risk to their workforce and want to benefit from automating processes.

Hybrid Diesel-Electric Drive
Multi-Mission Capable
Rapid Reconfiguration
Open Architecture
Unique Modular Design
Robust and Reliable
Low or Zero Noise Signature
Payload 750 kg / 1650 pounds
Stable with Low Center of Gravity

Concept designs

Multiscope Rescue

Multiscope Rescue can reach areas that are unreachable by human personnel or too dangerous for firefighters to go into like tunnels or other structures that may collapse at any time. It can be equipped with firefighting equipment such as a water tank and a remotely controlled water cannon.
The search and rescue unit can also be equipped with thermal cameras and powerful lights to find missing people in harsh environments or remote forested areas.

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Pegasus: Multiscope

Hazardous surveys
Designed to be deployed quickly and in difficult environments, the Pegasus:Multiscope can access areas either too difficult for normal vehicles or hazardous for human entry. By leveraging a treaded design and zero turning radius, it allows successful surveyance of river banks, mines or contaminated power generation sites. Enabling multiple sensors, including pollution monitoring, make complete reality capture possible.

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Manipulator UGV

Mower or Harvester Platform

Fertilizer UGV

Lifting Platform

Snow Plow


Technical specifications

20 km/h 12.4 mph
240 cm 94 in
200 cm 79 in
111 cm 44 in
1450 kg 3200 lbs
750 kg 1650 lbs
Maximum grade
60% 31 degrees
Maximum side slope
30% 17 degrees
Ground clearance
40-60 cm 16-23 in
Total Tractive Force
1100 kg 2450 lbs
Run time hybrid
8h ... 10h
Run time electric
0,5h ... 1,5h
Power options
Battery Pack, Lead acid or LiOn
Power options
Diesel engine & electric generator

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