Milrem Robotics enters the delivery services market

Starting from April, Milrem Robotics will start providing courier services with its commercial line unmanned ground vehicles Multiscope. Thanks to the size of the Multiscope, customers will be able to ship considerably larger goods than currently available robotic couriers can carry.

The Multiscope cargo robot accommodates a cubic meter of goods weighing up to 750 kg, making it a very convenient option for the transport of large goods. Like other delivery robots, Multiscope will operate autonomously.

“During the past two years we have been developing autonomous functions for our unmanned ground vehicles. Our main focus has been on off-road environments where challenges are much greater. Considering the number of landmarks like traffic lights, houses and road markings available in the urban environment, the movement of cargo robots in the city is relatively easy,” said Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics.

Thanks to Multiscope’s excellent terrain capabilities, it can deliver cargo to hard to reach places without paved roads. It can also pass through 60 cm of water.

The Multiscope can also be equipped with various defence mechanism unavailable to competing delivery companies. “This is where our knowhow and connections in the defence industry come in handy. We can supply the Multiscope with small caliber weapon systems or a water cannon that makes the theft of the goods very uncomfortable,” Vääsi pointed out.