The Milrem Intelligent Function Integration Kit (MIFIK) package includes all the necessary hardware and software modifications for implementing full unmanned control and safety functionality for any platform.

  • Remote Controllable LOS and BLOS use
  • Controllable Platform or payload behaviour
  • Intelligent environment detection systems
  • Scalable fleet management interface
  • Open architecture
  • Full lifecycle support
  • AES 256 Encryption

The Mission Planner – Pre plan fully autonomous missions with customizable vehicle behaviour. A fully adjustable vehicle and payload behaviour profile for any mission.

  • Plan and navigate route
  • Behaviour based on location or event
  • Return home and track back functions
  • Localisation in GNSS denied environment
  • Radio signal emission control
  • Smart planning assistance
  • 2D and 3D LiDAR mapping
  • GIS data import / export and customization
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Deep learning algorithms and neural networks

Complete Safety Solution – For safe and secure use and interaction with platforms the package has critical safety and user-aid features that use the latest hardware and in-house built advanced software.

  • Obstacle detection and avoidance
  • Precision driving assistant
  • 720° Awareness of the surroundings
  • Critical information warnings
  • Internal safety monitoring
  • Smart maintenance monitoring
  • Human in the loop architecture
  • SIL 3 compatible remote e-Stop