Is your love for studying science and technology only outmatched by your love for autonomous ground vehicles? You can’t stand if things are out of order and not following the agreed-upon processes? Well then, it sounds like you might be hard to live with, but extremely good to work with. Especially if you’re the LEAD SYSTEM ARCHITECT. Come and direct the development of autonomous ground vehicle technology in a leading European company!

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The purpose of the position is to provide technological expertise in autonomous ground vehicle projects and programs (EU, NATO, industry).

Job description (main tasks):

  • Managing the technology-related aspects of projects and programs;
  • Drafting project documentation based on the company’s interests and goals;
  • Drafting the engineering scope of work and coordinating it with stakeholders;
  • Organising necessary technological expertise from outside the company
  • Representing the company in project meetings;
  • Participating in products and services development processes.

Looking for a candidate who:

  • Is open-minded and has a strategic view on technological issues;
  • Is highly motivated to work in the field of autonomous land vehicle development;
  • Has management/coordination experience of at least 5 years, including technology projects;
  • Has experience in drafting technical documentation;
  • Holds a Master’s degree (preferably a PhD);
  • Is familiar with or is highly interested in exploring the system engineering, concept development and experimentation processes;
  • Has very good analytical skills and a systematic approach to resolving complex problems;
  • Has good negotiation and persuasion skills and has the ability to present own ideas;
  • Has excellent English skills for discussions and writing operational descriptions and analyses;
  • Enjoys working in an international company and interacting with customers worldwide.

Additional information

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